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There many reasons you could need a projector over a television: you might need a greater picture than a television can offer, or you could do without the vibe of a television in your parlor, or you need to have easygoing film evenings with your companions or family. Since cinemas aren't a possibility for the vast majority at this moment, a great deal of companions have been requesting that me what projector get for their front room. So to offer them the best response, I tried nine distinct projectors in my loft. Following three months and an excessive number of films, I've found the projector the most appropriate for most circumstances.

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Currently, there are five kinds of projectors you can get for your home: DLP, LCD, LED, LCOS, and laser. For this test, I looked at DLP and LCD types, which are common for home projectors and also one DLP projector that utilizes a laser light source instead of a bulb, ranging in price from $530 to $2,800. You can spend a lot more on high-end, dedicated home theater projectors. But for this test, we kept the budget as reasonable as possible. Most of the models I tested max out at 1080p resolution, but we do have a couple of 4K picks as well.